#8 PINK is the new Black

I intended to fix up a skater-boy look today. However, while messing around with my inventory, I discovered Gizza’s V-day Group gift which I had it chucked away in a corner. When I first received this gift 2 weeks back, I found it rather tacky (looking from the picture provided in the folder) so I did not even bother to try the outfit. And for no reason, I donned this outfit today! I was expecting something quirky but it turns out pretty cool, I thought. As a result, I didn’t style up a skater-boy look but decided to show you guys this entire outfit Gizza has given. So, for the typical males out there… try something different for a date. Wear pink to impress! I did not really style up this look because I find it rather good in its raw form. Enjoy!


Full Outfit – GizzA – Valentine’s Group Gift [Male]

Necklace – ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace(M)

Footwear – HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops – Classic colors

Hair – MADesigns HAIR ~ ROVE ~ Black



What do you wear on a carefree and lazy day? Here’s the answer!


Style card below:

Shirt  – *Connors* POLO SHIRTS BROWN II

Hat – [Sleepy Eddy] Gacha hat (Brown-b)  [From the Seasons Gatcha]

Hair – **Dura-Boy**19(Dark Brown)

Necklace – ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace(M) [NEW GROUP GIFT!]

Bottom – [Sheep Door] School Uniform BOY for LB Slacks Pants

Bag – HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag

Boots – sf design tweedy rolltop boots [NEW GIFT]

Bracelet – SPL Splendeurs Bracelet *Green*

Accessories – Dandy Open Wallet [MENstuff Hunt item #48]

#6 Back to School with Deacon and LAgroove!

Good morning, fellow students. I’m Mr. Elan. Today, I will be teaching you how to wear your school uniform properly. Ahem. Haha!

So recently, I did a shoot with one of my best friends, LA, over in Second Life. We had a wonderful time! We so hope you guys will enjoy this new look and hopefully, I’ll be able to collaborate with LA in future, to bring y’all newer and fresher looks. Once again, enjoy!


Look below for the female and male versions of the style card respectively 🙂


On LAgroove Ragu (All details provided by her as well!):

Hair – Kik – Fine – II – Brown

Skin – Al Vulo – Corinna – Love Motion Porcelian

Eyes – !FASHISM – Sunrise Eyes – Deep Bronze  (!FASHISM is now known as IKON)


Lips – PIDIDDLE – Matte Bare All – Teeth

Inner Shirt – [Sheep Door] – White

Vest – [Sheep Door] – Navy Blue

Tie – [Sheep Door] – Red & Navy Blue

Skirt – [Sheep Door] – Grey – Flexi (Two options)

Socks – [Sheep Door] – Blue

Sneakers – :…SANTO..: – Black Chucks

Bag – PRISS – Lang Suede Satchel – Dark Brown

Nails – Sn@tch! – Dark Red


Oops that’s me. Not a shot well done (my feet are hidden!). So, please bear with me!

On Deacon Elan:

Full outfit: [Sheep Door] School Uniform BOY for LB (NEW RELEASE – 3 colours @ 250 l!)
Footwear: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops – Classic colors
Bag: HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_ATTENTION ~ black and white
Hair:  .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ AKAMI ~ Silver Tones I
Ear tunnels:LeeLoo~ ear tunnels
Accessories: Dandy Open Wallet (MENstuff hunt item)
Bracelets: SPL Splendeurs Bracelet *Green*
Cigarette: [Fox Labs] Realistic Cigarette (boxed)

#5 The Sophisticated Male

Alright, this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I found this coat which totally defines my personality. Something that looks smart, neat, dapper and yet in vogue. Check this out! I will put up the style card with the landmarks to the respective stores over the weekends. But just in case you are too eager to know, Sound Gravis Beach is having a fantastic event featuring lots of interesting designers’ products from Second Life. From the likes of Gizza to Nerd Project, they have it all (I got this jacket from this event). Most of the products sold there are Asian designers in SL. So don’t be surprised when you see 3-4 attractive looking Japanese avatars walk past you! 🙂 I am thinking of doing more with this style… maybe a shoot with my friend LAgroove, aka Gugu. But talks are still underway and nothing has been confirmed yet. Stay in tune for more.


Reminds you of Burberry’s line of apparel huh? Drop me a mail at deacon.elan@gmail.com if you have any queries.


#4 Waiting for My Train to Come

Today is the Back to Black event in Second Life. I grabbed the 22769 ~ casual couture [homme] Doublejumper. The items for this event are exclusive. If you are intending to purchase any, please do so as soon as possible before the event ends.

Today’s post will be rather personal so yeah. If you see the picture below, you can see that it’s taken on the railway tracks. I’ve always loved locomotives. Always dreamed of taking a picture by the tracks even in the real world. Once, the railway tracks back home were going to be dismantled. I was saddened and wanted to take some pictures for keepsake purpose. I didn’t get the chance to because the tracks later returned to the control of the local authorities.

In my previous relationship with a girl on Second Life, I also had plans to take pictures along the railway tracks. The plan did not materialize eventually. Today, I finally found it. The only exception being that it’s a solo shoot.Exactly the kind of mood I wanted to carry across – a twinge of sadness, nostalgia, loneliness and rustiness. I think this picture really conveyed those feelings well.

On a last note, happy Sunday.


#3 The Fuss-Free

Today, I came up with a really basic look. One that looks comfy and yet chic. I use some group gifts and also employed the use of hunt items in this simple look. This is to encourage the typical males in Second Life to build up their wardrobe and know that they can look good as well! I think this look can be worn anywhere and anytime unless you are attending a formal social event. In other words, it’s great for a Friday’s night out with the girls… or maybe guys. Right, here goes the new look. Enjoy!

Style Card

Sweater: [Sleepy Eddy] Crew Neck Sweater (brown) [GROUP GIFT]

Bottom: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Coal]

Shoes:  ::GB::Male Dress shoes(Brown) [GROUP GIFT]

Hair: Gift From MADesigns/ KMADD [MENstuff Hunt item]

Ear tunnels: ~LeeLoo~ ear tunnels

Eyes: KMADD Premium Shape ~ TAKEYO

#2 Casual to Formal

In Second Life, we have seen it so often how others always wear the same formal attire, especially for the men, where choices are definitely more limited compared to the ladies. Today, I will show you guys a way of getting the formal look without having to buy any formal outfits at all. Yes! All built from scratch using casual wear. Which also means that you can double these apparel as daily casual wear, of course. Here goes the look. Tell me what you think about it by writing in to deacon.elan@gmail.com or feel free to drop a comment.


Deacon Elan



Here’s the style card.

Hair: **Dura-Boy**19(Dark Brown)
Pants: **GizzA** June group gift 2011
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Bowlorama Shoes Pack Two (Fifty Linden Friday)
Shirt: [pivaaca] -Homme- Retro Dotted Shirt *Snow* (BOX) [The season gatcha]
Blazer: Emery – Blazer Looked #Navy
Ear tunnels: ~LeeLoo~ ear tunnels [bought from marketplace]