#24 The Real Me

While wondering around the shops in Second Life today, I came across what I have been looking for for months! These shirts are hugely popular at the moment in reality. It’s simple but it’s really neat. It’s nothing special… but hey, that’s what makes it special! I like simple outfits in real life as well. Check it out.

Shirt: JOINT Light Weight Border Cotton Knit

Jeans: NOTsoBAD Vince jeans (Mesh)

Sneakers: [Hoorenbeek] Ruckus Black-Brown

The upcoming post will be on a suit by Bare Rose. Thank you very much to Tori Heart for giving me the opportunity to showcase their fine apparel. Check back into my wardrobe soon!


#23 Die In Your Arms

Featuring the Fabre Pants from Chronokit. Special thanks to my friend kit Pizzicato for allowing me to have the privilege to blog about his products.


Vest set: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set_Black

Pants: *chronokit*  Fabre Pants (Star)

Shoes: Burley Collective Gauchos

Hair: -Entente- Yves Hair – Brown



Shirt: [pivaaca] -Homme- Retro Dotted Shirt *Snow*

Pants: *chronokit*  Fabre Pants (Purple)

Shoes: DEF! Shoe Box/Sneakers/Supernova/Purple

Headphone: DEF! Headphones/Beats By DEF!/Solo/Pink

#22 Dream A Little Dream…

Today’s style is proudly sponsored by SnapbackSwagg. Thank you ygxbanngxem Resident very much for giving me the chance to help publicize your latest products!

Seen below is a mesh plait grey-dawn shirt. Tired of wondering what to put on for the day? No worries, just pull that shirt out of your wardrobe and you’re ready to go! You will look stylish and refined at the same time. They also offer another colour: Redwood. Not to forget, you can actually get this product for only 55 l at the fi*Fridays store from this week till next friday.

The silver rolex chain is an accessory from SnapbackSwagg as well.


Hat: DEF! Bob/Plaid/Black

Ear Tunnels: AITUI – Tiny Plugs – Arrows

Pants: DeeTaleZ Pants Men tweed pants grey

Piercing: Beat (StarPiercing) Bag [Gift #49 from Make Him Over Hunt II]

#21 My Pants Say It All

First and foremost, I have to thank kit Pizzicato from Chronokit for giving me the chance to blog about their latest product.

The latest Culottes Sarrouel Pants from Chronokit come in 2 types : Patterned and Plain. For each type, there are 8 different colours/designs to choose from. It’s easy to pull off that casual yet immaculate look with these pants, so go get these soon!

Tattoo Layer: [Sleepy Bozer] –  Love Kills Slowly (Black)  – Available at The Men’s Dept (June 2012)

Pants: *chronokit* Culottes Sarrouel Pants Cow  [NEW!]

Corsair: Air Corsair [Gift #40 from Make Him Over Hunt II]

Hat: :::LP::: Chavez Fedora [Gift #45 from Make HIm Over Hunt II]

Necklace: [Simple Things] (Army) Dog Tags

Shoes: . S H I – Fabrik Lace-Up (White)  -Available at The Men’s Dept (June 2012)

Tattoo Layer: [Sleepy Bozer] –  Love Kills Slowly (Black)  – Available at The Men’s Dept (June 2012)

Tank Top: SIOPA Windsurfing Tank Top [Gift #59 from Make Him Over Hunt II]

Pants: *chronokit* Culottes Sarrouel Pants Black {NEW!]

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Adam [Dark Browns]

Shoes: FBI black & white sandals

I’ll see y’all soon!

#20 I’ve Got SWAG



Came up with this look today. I thought it looked quite fun!

Tank Top: Keep Calm *Tea Time* – MESH

Bottom: Sartoria BW Jeans CORBIN

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Adam [Dark Browns]

Cap: DEF! Era Cap/D Crown (Black/Grey) [LUCKY CHAIR PRIZE]

Shades: DEF! Ladyz/Shades/Infinite/Red [LUCKY CHAIR PRIZE]

Headphones: DEF! Headphones/Beats By DEF!/Solo/Pink

Necklaces: Kari – Boom bap necklace. ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace(M)

Ring: ::GB::Achilleus armor ring

Piercing: Beat (StarPiercing) Bag [Gift #49 from Make Him Over Hunt II]

Ear Tunnels: AITUI – Tiny Plugs – Arrows

Timepiece: Tutima Flieger 42 – Boxed Men’s Watch

#19 Black And White

Another fresh look put together mainly from items collected from the Make Him Over Hunt II.

Jacket: *BC322 Bone Leather Jacket Size M (MESH) [Hunt Item #5]

Inner Shirt: Hedo – Canottiera Rock White [Hunt Item #67]

Pants: Silhouette Fashion Pants [Hunt Item #64]

Necklace: Cyber Gem Jewelry [CG] Bikers Neckace [Hunt Item #29]

Mouth Pierce: [Acide!] Dirty – Black [Hunt Item #22]

Ring: Gabriel ::GB:: Achilleus Armor Ring

Hair: *Dura* The 2nd Year Anniversary hair (Wood Bark)

#18 The Hunter Look

Alright… I didn’t know I would actually do this. It’s not my style at all. As you should have noticed, my previous posts always feature the smart casual, dapper, neat and clean look. There are 2 special elements in this post.

Firstly, it is the fact that I styled up something completely different from my usual pickings. Second is the fact that I mainly make use of the Make Him Over Hunt II items. Only the Dura hair that I use is not from the hunt itself. However, there is nothing to fret! You can still get the Dura hair as part of its group gift for its 2nd Year Anniversary. So, get it while you can.

Blazer: Just Because Navy Blazer Jacket [Hunt item #8]
Inner Shirt: Good Clothing <GC> Main force patrol tank (shirt layer) [Hunt item #15]
Shades: Kumami Glasses Style [Hunt item #3]
Necklace: K!NG Steel Necklace [Hunt item #25]
Mouth Pierce: [acide!] Dirty black (mouth) [Hunt item #22]
Pants: Silhouette pants [Hunt item #64]
Hat: LE PRIMITIF :::LP::: Chavez Fedora [Hunt item #45]
Boots: Muism Troy boots (brown) [Hunt item #37]
Hair: *Dura* The 2nd Year Anniversary hair (Wood Bark)

Make Him Over Hunt II is from 15 June 2012 to 12 July 2012. Go snag the goodies while you can!