#35 PURF Plaid Shirts and Sneakers

Today’s style is sponsored by PURF. I’ve got on my hands some really great plaid shirts and sneakers. What’s so amazing about it? Well, it’s the fact that these shirts and sneakers come with a HUD that allow you to select the colours and patterns you prefer! Now, who says you need to get multiple purchases? Take a look and see for yourself!

Shirt: PURF Long Sleeves Plaid

Sneakers: PURF High Cut Sneakers Plaid

Jeans w/ Suspenders: Balkanik 2.0! Baggy Slim Black-Grey


#31 Habor Apparel + NERD Project

Today’s style is sponsored by Harbor Apparel. They just released new pairs of Chukka (what some would know as Turf boots). They look very classic and come in 3 colour shades: Camel, Navy and Army. I’ll be featuring the Camel one in today’s style! In the next few upcoming posts, I will be showcasing other ways of wearing the Navy and Army Chukka boots.

A little introduction on Harbor Apparel. This is penned by Jimi Cheng, founder of the store.

“The inspiration behind HARBOR APPAREL comes from hard working men and woman, salt water pushing against wooden beams, screeching of metal against each other, sparks flying from a guy welding or a couple of rough looking sailors getting drunk on the docks… in other words life in and around a harbor, especially around the 40’s / 50’s.”

Going for an old school style today…

Sweater (with bow tie): NERD PROJECT Round Neck Sweater

Pants: NERD PROJECT Roll-Up Pants [Sound Gravis Beach 4th Anniversary Festa 2012]

Shoes: Habor Apparel CHUKKA Camel

Glasses: AlphaVillian Samuel Glasses (Black)

#30 Jilroxy Boots + Vest

Today’s style is sponsored by *Jilroxy* Mainstore. To be honest, styling this was a bit of a challenge. When I first got the vest, the first thought that ran through my mind was,”What kind of inner shirt should I throw on to match this vest?” Well, the answer is… you don’t really need an inner shirt. After trying on the vest, I realize that the vest looks brilliant on its own and because it’s a fitting type of apparel, layering this outfit will make you look “stuffed”, which isn’t very appealing in my humble opinion. I am very impressed with the vest, mainly because it looks highly detailed. In the store itself, you will be able to see various type of the same vest, albeit in a variety of colours. They are available in male and female versions, so yeah, why not consider getting one for your partner (if you have one) and wear it as a couple outfit?

Not forgetting the footwear from *Jilroxy* as well. Once again, the boots are impeccably well-made. I have a few pairs of boots in my inventory and I have to admit, this one will be my favourite pair in future. So yeah, you’d probably see me wearing this in future styles/posts. It’s a basic must-have in every man’s inventory, so go get it!

Vest: Jilroxy Vest Auroraz (Pink)

Boots: Jilroxy Grid-Walker Boots Brown-Light Sole

Pants: *chronokit* Fable pants (with belt)

Hat: MAH Sinatra Fedora (Menstuff Hunt Dec 2011)

Shade: DEF! Ladyz/Shades/Infinite/Red

#29 Sartoria Fruits Suit + Rooster Beach Bum + Gos

Now, who says you can’t look good wearing a suit with casual beach bums and clogs? Here’s to prove you wrong! Throw those dress suits and formal pants aside and yet look sharp. Presenting to you…

Suit w/ Inner Shirt: Sartoria Travellers Fruits Suit

Pants: Rooster Beach Bum Set

Shoes: [Gos] Gator Sports Clogs – Splash (Fifty Lindens Friday)

Hair: Dura Celebration Group Gift

#28 Poncho Day + Energie Chucks

In this pose, I styled up a refreshing look with a new pair of black chucks from ..::Energie::. ! These chucks are newly released and to be honest, they go with any type of attire you’d want to put on. You can trust them to make you look good no matter what you wear, where you go!



Poncho: .:Vive9:. Bryan’s Poncho (Grey)

Sweater: [Iruco] Roll Neck Jumper (Brown)

Pants: Sartoria LE Pants FAUST REMIX

Cap: ::Mr Poet:: Bakerboy cap

Shoes: ..::Energie::. Extreme Black Chucks

Hair: Dura **Dura** Boy 19 (Dark Brown)