#62 Autumn, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

This full set of outfit is available at SHIKI design. It’s a product that has been on the market for quite a while and I just didn’t go get it. Happen to see it again today so yeah, just got it. I really the whole look given off by this apparel. It has that autumn-ish vibe and yet still looks like you will fit it in snugly during the upcoming Winter. Oh yeah, the shoes are from Sartoria. It’s part of the Leaves Eyes Collection Styling “Kingdom” package. You have to get the full outfit to get the shoes.


Outfit: SHIKI City Vibe (Forest)

Please forward all queries to DEACON ELAN inworld. Thank you.

#62 Something Queer


I wanted to try something different. So I thought, why not mix formal with casual? This is my end product. Well, not the typical style you’d see everyday. Still, I hope you like it.

Drop a line to Deacon Elan inworld if you have any queries. Will post the style card up a little later.

Ciao 🙂

#60 HooLigan Ink Jeans




These pairs of jeans you see above are the latest releases from HooLigan. Available in 5 colours, including another light blue and light grey version, these jeans are suited for matching with practically any sorts of top. Also, the shoes I am wearing are called the HooLigan Ink Urban Aggressors. The textures are very nice and detailed. I shall do another blog post soon after showing you a clearer version the shoes itself.

Style card as shown below.

Jeans: HooLigan Ink Jeans (Blue/Grey/Black)

Jacket: bleak – The Bum Sweater Blue Jean (FREE!)

Shoes: HooLigan Ink Urban Aggressor

#50 Drunk Devil Hoodie

..::Drunk Devil ::.. has released a very fitting and dapper navy blue zip-up sweater. I paired it up with a shirt and tie set from Young Urban to give off that smart casual look. Paired togther with the faded blue jeans from BuFu Prod0.7, this look gives off that casual and stylish vibe. Hope you like it.



Sweater: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Double Blue ~ MESH ZipUp Sweater

Tie Shirt: [Young Urban] Roylan Vest Khaki

Jeans: ::[BuFu]::Prod0.7   Mesh Jeans UltraCuffs ORIGINAL BLUE

Shoes: ..:: Energie ::.  Zumba Sneakers Blue  Bag

Hope you enjoy! If you have any queries, send an IM or notecard to Deacon Elan inworld. Thanks.