#72 Cozying up to 2013

As the New Year dawns upon us, I wanted to do something different and try something new. I checked out unique scenic spots in Second Life by myself and found this really beautiful cafe called the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. In this post, I will introduce to you a few aspects of what I like about this place as well as a style shot taken here. This place has few/no visitors usually so if you want to have a conducive and enjoyable hang-out with a good friend, this is the spot. Come here to ring in the New Year with your beloved ones in Second Life. Also, since I am guessing this post will be one of the last few I am doing before I get wheeled into the operating theater in just under 2 days’ time, I thought I should take the time out to pen a proper entry. I wanted to do something that reflects my personal self and just something close to my heart.


First up, the style shot. This shot has been taken under original conditions so you will have a better idea the beauty of the lights at the cafe. Here, I am standing outside the cafe, where diners are able to dine alfresco style. Pretty romantic huh? As you can see, I actually got a whole new look myself. New hair, new coat, new jeans, new whatever. I am prepping myself up for the new year!

The jacket, hoodie and t-shirt are all from entente. This is a new release called the Gaston Jacket and Hoodie and you can’t imagine how versatile this outfit is. After buying the package, should you want more and nicer designs, get the texture pack! For me, I bought the texture called Gaston Jacket – Lapel Trims – Chinos. Yes, each texture pack gives you 4 different variations/add-ons to the Gaston Jacket. The same goes for the hoodie and the t-shirt. You can buy texture packs to vary the designs of the hoodie and the t-shirt. I know the items at Entente aren’t that cheap so why not think of it as buying yourself a fat pack to make yourself feel better? I must compliment however, that the quality of the outfits at Entente are superb! So you won’t have any regrets buying them.

Next up is the new jeans from *BALKANIK2.0 CITY*. These are called the Evuzu jeans and damn, they have got to be my faves from now! Now only do they come with 3 different belt sets, they also come with 3 different bandana sets (Which hangs out of your back pocket) and 3 different chain sets. I will do a thorough review of the Evuzu jeans later and you will be able to see the features more clearly. I am really impressed with the bandana set. Oh, the jeans only cost 320 l per pair and the add-ons are 50 l for each set. I consider them reasonably priced.

My shoes are from Harbor Apparel and they are called the CHUKKA Camel. And the suitcase is given by FATEwear as a subscriber’s gift.


Above is a shot capturing the exterior of the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. Pleasantly decorated, ain’t it? Love that warm, fuzzy feeling of this shot. Let’s now take a look at the interior of the cafe itself.


Here you can see the delicacies provided at the cafe. If you are a fan of pastries, you might probably love this cafe. Lovely, aren’t they? The pastries, I mean. Well I guess I will stop here.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!


#71 flow

flow recently made me their store’s blogger. So you bet the new post for this store has got something to do with… well, flow. I will first introduce you the U-Neck t-shirts with prints on them as well as the jeans deep from flow. Very outstanding casual wear! Also, if you prefer plain t-shirts, you probably should know that the U-Neck t-shirts come without the prints as well! flow doesn’t have an inworld store so if you will like to purchase their products, take the taxi I have given above to go to their marketplace store.



Shirt: flow U-Neck prints t-shirt

Jeans: flow jeans deep

Cap: [BuFu]Prod 0.7 Cap custom (black)

Shoes: . S H I Fabrik Lace-Up (White)


#70 The College Boy

HooLigan Ink has released a neat semi-coat that comes with an inner shirt and tie. It’s so good that I think it probably has got to be the only thing I need in my wardrobe for the entire week! The details are fine, as you can see on the shiny silver buttons of the coat, which gives it a very sharp look.




Coat: HooLigan Ink Semi Coat Black/White/Brown [other colours available in store]

Jeans: HooLigan Ink Jeans Black – 471

Boots: Sartoria LE Shoes MARKER

#69 The Air is still Frosty

I know Xmas is over. But the mood still lingers. Since we’re near the cusp of a New Year, I thought maybe I should find something that is suitable for all those cocktail parties and merry-making in Second Life (SL). I always look at my inventory and know I have lots of new goodies in it but only bothered to blog for the few that I have been assigned… which actually means I hardly blog on the goodies that I purchase myself! The blazer you see below is no longer for sale. It’s an exclusive release by Gabriel ONLY at The Swag Fest, which was held months ago. There is literally no way you can buy this anymore. Still, I hope you will like it.


Blazer: Gabriel ::GB::Rollup casual suit Purple Gray [Not on sale]

Bag: [Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (White) @ The Arcade Gacha Event

#66 Snowflakes

With Christmas round the corner in just 4-5 days’ time, it’s high time for us to deck ourselves up in Christmas tones! Here’s a look at how you can do it, at affordable budgets! I mainly use group gifts in this post. Hope you’ll like it.

Deacon Elan


Cardigan: FATEwear Shirt – Roger – Volcano

Scarf: FATEwear Scarf – Ron – Holiday [Subscriber’s Gift!]

Gloves: FATEwear Gloves – George – Holiday [Subscriber’s Gift]

Socks: FATEwear Sock – Jerry – Holiday [Subscriber’s Gift]

Pants: HooLigan Ink Pant 472 – Brown

Hair: *Dura*Group Gift [December 2012]