#122 flow – long sleeve shirt pocket


Hey, remember the t-shirt pop long sleeve which I have introduced to you a while ago over here? Well, apparently, flow released more editions of this awesome t-shirt known as the long sleeve shirt pocket! My hair is a gift from the store [COLORS] and my jeans are the HooLigan Ink Jeans 474. More details below.

Top left: flow long sleeve shirt pocket – Surf spots

Top right: flow long sleeve shirt pocket – Amor

Centre: flow long sleeve shirt pocket – Raiz

Bottom left: flow long sleeve shirt pocket – The Wind

Bottom right: flow long sleeve shirt pocket – lines


#121 -NIVARO- Pan Skin


The Pan skin by -NIVARO- has got to be on my favourites from today. I love the effect around the eyes that the Pan skin gives. The skins come with hair options such as trail-hair, stubble or if you are not into hair, there is a clean version. Details as shown below.

Top left: -NIVARO- Pan Skin Ghost Tone

Top Right: -NIVARO Pan Skin Light Tone

Centre: – NIVARO Pan Skin Cream Tone

Bottom Left: -NIVARO- Pan Skin Summer Tone

Bottom Right: -NIVARO- Pan Skin Dark-tanned Tone

#120 New Mickey Jacket and Bandana


Swaggy has released some new jackets. Here, I am wearing the Swaggy Mickey Jacket. I wore the red striped bandana from [Avoid] which is also another new release. You can’t really see it so clearly in this shot but I am actually wearing the hair from *Dura* 2013 Valentine group gift. The Iphone I have on is part of the Giu outfit by Delirium Style.

#119 Legal Insanity Max Biker Jacket


I am wearing the new Legal Insanity Max Biker Jacket in Earth tone. This is a rather versatile outfit as you may choose to wear the jacket with or without the inner shirt. On top of that, a HUD is also included for you to select the designs for the inner shirts.

My jeans are the latest release by HooLigan Ink and they are jeans 474 in dark grey version. My brown leather boots are from Swaggy.

I bought myself the Sid hair from ::Exile:: and over here, I am sporting the Sid hair in fawn. Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Lastly, I am intending to do a mini giveaway on my blog in just a few months’ time. So yes, you may get the item for FREE. I haven’t yet decided on the giveaway details or when it will be. But right below, I am going to list you a few conditions to be eligible for the giveaway! The sooner you fulfill these conditions, the higher your chances of getting the giveaway when I have officially announced it!

Terms and Conditions

*You must be a follower of Deacon’s Wardrobe for at least 2 months. Once you have followed me, leave behind a comment to let me know – mentioning the date since you have followed me. For those who are already followers of this blog, I know you guys. So you don’t have to let me know 🙂

*You need to leave behind at least 5 comments/feedback on the blog entries I have written over the next 2-3 months. Please identify yourself as this will facilitate me in knowing who you are. Liking my blog entries does not count as comments/feedback but it will potentially heighten your chances of getting the giveaway.

*You must share my blog details with your friends in Second Life by passing on the blog link. You must recommend at least 10 friends to my blog and if they like, make sure they do a “Follow”. After doing so, please send me a name list of the 10 friends whom you have recommended AND who have followed this blog. Drop a notecard inworld to Deacon Elan.

The giveaway will be held anytime in the next few months so make sure you keep yourself updated!

#118 Hunting for Hunts


Avid hunters, heads up! I am showing you 2 quality items from two hunts. First up, I will introduce you the {EPIC} Sweater (CWNH-BLUE). This may be found in the Cold Winter Nights hunt which runs from Jan 15th – Feb 15th 2013. Each item in the hunt will only cost you 10$ l. Please visit the webpage here to view details and hunt hints.

Another upcoming hunt is the Jack OR Jill 2.0 Hunt. This hunt is sponsored by Depraved Nation and it features a male and female hunt path. Make sure you follow the correct hunts. This will run from Feb 1st to Feb 28th 2013. The pair of jeans I am wearing is from ~Cysleek =^.-=~ and you may find it in the Jack OR Hill Hunt 2.0. You may visit the official hunt webpage here for more details.

My shoes are the SF Design Tweedy Roll-top Boots.

#117 Will You Be My Valentine?


ONLY as a Valentine’s Day special, [Avoid] has released this exclusive version of the Geekazoid V-day for a mere 50$ l. This is only available for a limited time period so be sure to go down and make your purchase! Set in the tones of red, pink and white(the primary colours for Valentines) and with hearts imprinted over the vest, this will put you in good stead for your V-day date. The normal Geekazoid outfit (with 25 designs to choose from) will cost you 375$ l each. So you go figure which will save you more and which will make you stand out. I paired this outfit with the {EPIC} Chino Shorts – Blue Plaid as well as the Slash Belt from Legal Insanity. The tote bag is from [Monso] and my eyewear is from ShadZ*. Lastly, my boat shoes were a group gift from Gabriel store.

Please click here to view more designs of the Geekazoid outfit which I have posted in just the entry before this.

Below, I am featuring another Geekazoid outfit.


#116 What Makes A Man




I am wearing the [Avoid] – Geekazoid in the above shots. They come in 25 different designs and I absolutely love the bowties and lovely sweater-vests. The pants I wear is the legal insanity tyler skinny jeans. Do know that the skinny jeans come with a HUD that allows you to change between normal length and boot-cut so you may fit better into high-top shoes.

The glasses used are the Adjunct browline reader and the cap is the [Avoid] – Sideway Fitted – LE Anchor.