#230 The Traveler’s Boy


Check out the new n-creation hoodie and jacket in green! It comes with an included grey tee. This item was actually debuted at The 100 Block Event last month. However, I missed the event. Upon enquiry with the owner, he told me that the green version of this jacket will be put on sale at his inworld store this week and also at the same price of L$250 as what was sold at the event. Be sure to go get it before the promotion ends! Love the double layers concept of this jacket.

My chocolate pants with belt are also from n-creation. It comes at a price of L$380, which is reasonably priced for such a well-crafted jeans. It comes in many colours and I love the belt the most. You can vary the belt colour using a HUD.

My hair’s Ronald in coffee from [Atro Patena]. The chocolate/beige streeterville sneaks are from Hoorenbeek. My headphone is a hunt item from MOH 3.