#229 Summer LOVE :)


This summer, stand out in laidback casual wear that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! I made use of many items that I have won from gacha machines in this post so I hope you will enjoy.

My shirt’s the NERD PROJECT Tee 019 rare tank which I purchased from the store’s gacha machine. The pants are from NERD PROJECT as well and can be found at the SGB Gacha Event. My moss green vintage brownie camera is an item which I got from The Arcade Gatcha Events many many months back. It’s from Tee*fy, though I am not sure if it’s still available now. My emerald haversack is from ~Tableau Vivant~ and is also bought from the previous The Arcade Gatcha Events. My hair’s Ronald in brown from [Atro Patena]. Had such a fun time spending away my lindens. Felt the purchases were so worth the money. Oh yes, the new round of The Arcade Gatcha Events has started June 1st. Be sure to check it out. So far, I haven’t had any luck in entering the sim. I hope to get in as soon as possible so I can bring you guys more new looks and styles soon.

Stay cool, guys!

Deacon Elan


#107 An Affair With Music


Let’s rock the tunes with Apple May Designs (AMD) today! My top from AMD is known as the casual tops black and it fits in comfortably for me. When paired together with the low-rise skinny jeans (Street) from AMD, this combo works awesome and will make you look like the coolest-kid-next-door. Do remember that AMD will be holding a 50% discount for its Male’s section which is scheduled to be open this coming weekends. Lovely street-wear apparel from this store, definitely one which we must all keep a look-out for.

The cap’s from ::[BuFu]::Prod 0.7 and is known as the black visor gray. Beautifully crafted and it’s one of the few caps I always wear in Second Life. These cap in a variety of colours and if you like, why not make a trip down to the store to pick one yourself? I love the store’s concept – pretty much like a kid’s playground and its interior designs are awesome.

My two boombox – the radio cassettes are from Kari and Tee*fy. More specifically, the blue one on my shoulder is from Kari while the one I am holding on my left hand is from Tee*fy. Not too sure if you can still get the radio-cassette from Tee*fy because it’s an item from the December 2012 Arcade Gacha Event (which has long ended).

My manhattan pipe’s from Adjunct and it can blow bubbles/smoke depending on your preference and selection. The eyewear is a hunt gift from the 2012 MENstuff Hunt and is known as the *ShadZ* BAD BOYFRIEND – Classic. If you have participated in this hunt, you could whip this out and use it. Oh yes, my boots are also a gift from the 2012 MENstuff Hunt from Adjunct.

That’s all, guys. Hope you have enjoyed this little post of mine and please show your support by purchasing these lovely items featured. Much thanks.

#103 Take Me Home

[ dynasty ] is an up and coming store in Second Life. They currently only have their products out on marketplace but their inworld store will open on Chinese New Year – February 10. The co-owners of the stores are KidDreamz and JaixAmor. Both the stores are called [ dynasty ]  as well but they sell different products.

Today I am featuring the [ dynasty ] Blue Plaid Shirt which is sponsored by KidDreamz. The plaid shirt is very well-textured and it’s a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. I wore this with the FATEwear Pants – John – Lagoon jeans, giving it a very nice-looking casual style. Also, my bag used is from the store [monso]. This bag can be retrieved from any mesh demos you purchase at the store. I double it up as a tote bag for myself so you could consider it a freebie! Go get it. My headphone is from PURF and is called the Mesh Marco HeadPhone. Lastly, my camera is a gacha item from Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera : Grandpa Old Camera. This was gotten from The Arcade Gacha Events from September 2012 round.

*Click on the image for clearer resolution*