#154 [Avoid] Sideways Fitted & HooLigan Ink Hoodie 516 Sport


[Avoid] is giving out a sideways fitted mesh cap as group gift! Go join the group and get one yourself! Also, HooLigan Ink has re-made another version of this hoodie into a sporty one. It comes with a HUD that allows you to vary amongst 9 different colours.

Hoodie: HooLigan Ink Hoodie 516 Sport (NEW!)

Cap: [Avoid] *Mesh* Sideways Fitted – Group Gift (NEW!)

Glasses: Legal Insanity – Gael Sunglasses (NEW!)


#153 NEW: Swaggy Sweat & Apple May Designs Cargo Capri’s


Sweater: Swaggy Sweater Fun Superman/Baby Milo/Batman (NEW!)

Pants: Apple May Designs – Male Cargo Capri’s – Classic (NEW!)


Sweater: Swaggy Sweater Fun Gangsta/Ghost/Drugs (NEW!)

Pants: Apple May Designs – Male Cargo Capri’s – Black (NEW!)

#152 New: flow. t-shirts soul


flow. has just released the new t-shirt soul which comes in 5 different colours. Unlike the usual mesh product where we have to choose sizes to fit into our avatar’s body frame, this comes only in one size and is known as the size liquid. The shirt is self-adjusting so it will fit into your avatar nicely! Visit flow. for more details.

Sunglasses: Legal Insanity – Gael Sunglasses – Silver

Shoes: 2Real HolBrookz

#151 Suave & Sharp



First and foremost, thank you to Ansor Hoorenbeek/Limer Kosten for allowing me to blog for a Hoorenbeek product. Today, I am featuring the [ h ] outfit – Mesh 26. This is a complete outfit that includes a well-tailored brown corduroy jacket, striped polo tee as well as belted jeans with their brown sneakers. This makes this outfit very value-for-money and importantly, you don’t have to spend time trying to style up a look. Great for informal social occasions! Make a trip down to hoorenbeek now!

#150 New: HooLigan Ink V-neck 312, flow sweatpants drop-crotch skinny


Shirt: HooLigan Ink V neck sweater 312 (NEW!)

Pants: flow. sweatpants drop-crotch skinny – Package 1 (NEW!)

Shoes: 2Real Holbrookz (NEW!)

#149 New: Legal Insanity John Long Coat and Gael Sunglasses



Jacket: Legal Insanity John Long Coat (NEW!)

Pants: Blank Line Pocket Pants 011 Male (NEW!)

Sunglasses: Legal Insanity – Gael Sunglasses (NEW!)

Shoes: Adjunct 2012 MENstuff Hunt

Skin: -NIVARO – Adam Skin – Summertone (NEW!)

#148 Jukebox Hero


Today, I purchased the 2REAL Holbrookz shoes! It’s the latest release from this store and as with any other 2REAL shoes, each and every part of the footwear may be varied using a HUD given in the package. It costs L$900 per pair, a tad on the costly side. However, I will say it’s worth the money because the quality is superb and you can wear in different colors all the time! More details for the style card may be found below.

Hair: [taketomi] Quay Browns

Shirt: [M] Male Slim Fit Jacket – Bone

Pants: ~Cysleek =^.-=~ Capri Jeans Unisex (Grey) (NEW!)

Shoes: 2REAL Holbrookz Shoes (NEW!)

Skin: -NIVARO- Adam Skin – Summertone (NEW!)

Headphones: .:Standby Inc. – Retro Headphones Box Peel